Life is a wave..

Life Is A Wave, Catch It, Surf It!

Recently I have been spent some time watching the surfers in their efforts to catch that illusive wave, the special wave that is going to give them the ride of their life.

I see them all milling about on the ocean, lying face down on their boards, bobbing about keeping a careful eye out for that perfect wave, whilst keeping watch on the actions of all the other surfers waiting for that same wave.

Sometimes the wave is spotted quite a distance off, the right speed, height and just the right amount of curl. The surfers tend to glance at each other, and for a millisecond there is almost a standoff. Occasionally the standoff lasts too long and the wave is gone, lost in time. However generally a couple of surfers will make the break and paddle casually toward the wave. They will line up just ahead of the wave and as it gets really close, they paddle like crazy to keep just ahead of the wave and in the sweet spot.

I have watched dozens of surfers doing this frantic paddling and I would say that in 7 times out of 10, they get overtaken by the wave and again, it is gone.  This time the opportunity was taken by a couple of people, yet they just didn’t manage to pull it off.

In two out of the remaining three times they manage to catch the wave and get onto their knees, stand and just as they think they have nailed it, they lose balance and fall into the frothy waters.

In the last case, that one in ten moment, something quite magical happens.  The surfer manages to see the wave coming early, they put in the effort to get into position, they do that paddle like hell thing and at the crest of the wave, they kneel up onto their board, then stand!

They flex at the knees and ride the wave, sometimes along it, sometimes going with it.  It looks amazing and I am sure feels even greater.

For all the missed waves and those that didn’t quite come off, it never stops the surfers getting on their boards day in, day out.  They are focused, they have the right attitude, they always give it 100%.

As I sit there watching the surfers, I wonder.  Just how many people in life have missed their waves, gave up after the first try, or made little or no effort.

If you want to catch your wave in life, get in touch and together we will make whatever it happen!

Our Coaching and Training are dedicated to creating your success.

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