SMART is just the start (for setting goals).

Stop making goals that wont happen! Are you going beyond SMART?
I was always taught that Goals should be SMART and to a degree this was true. However, I would find that sometimes I would achieve them and other times I would not. It was strange, because I followed the SMART model every time but yet I didn’t always succeed.
I would get inconsistent results. There was something missing, something I was not understanding or not doing. When I achieved what I wanted it was great, but when I didn’t, it was way less than great. In fact it was downright poop and it would erode my confidence and self belief. I often thought, ‘what is the point’.
Once I learned how to apply what I am going to share this week, my goals consistently became reality. Today I will describe all the steps and over the next few days I will share a little more about each aspect of an achievable goal.
If you want to create goals you WILL achieve then make sure your goals are:
1: Positive
2: Your Goals
3: Sensory
4: Win Win
5: Easy to launch
That’s all for now. Check back over the week for a little more detail on each point!

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