Feel like an observer in your own life? Do you have lots of unfulfilled dreams and goals? Have you been working really hard and yet seem to make no progress? Are you feeling stuck?
You may be feeling stuck because you are doing what you believe you SHOULD be doing rather than what you NEED to do.
This leads to a very dutiful life but not a beautiful life.
Being a good parent, partner, a good employee, a good relative are all well and good, but whose needs are you satisfying? If your goal is to be all those things, you have achieved it. However, if your goal is to earn more money, get a promotion, start your own business or create a new relationship, then you are going to have to make your goals a priority.
Some people feel guilt if they put their goals first. Guilt is an emotion that keeps us stuck in the past. Banish the guilt, and the glue holding you back dissolves.
I have worked with many people over the years, many who have had crippling guilt and yet within a few sessions have banished it for good.
Book a free call now https://calendly.com/marcus…/complimentary-consultation, get unstuck and banish guilt for good!

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