Goal Setting (post 2)

Positive, are you sure? (Goal setting Post 2)
When it comes to goal setting I will often ask clients “what do you want?”. Many of the people I have worked with will be able to tell me exactly what they don’t want, often in great detail.
This is how they have set goals in the past. I don’t want to be putting work ahead of my family/using my overdraft/working for someone else/be alone are all examples of what I hear.
I ask how is this a positive goal. They reply “because I won’t be in debt, or I won’t have to go in to work for someone I dislike. That’s positive right?” I have to politely say “nope”.
The problem is that when I ask them what they do want, I hear silence.
To create a goal that is going to be achieved the goal must be STATED in the positive, as well as a positive outcome.
Make sure you put that goal in the future too and write it as if you already have it!
The first part of your goal could look like:
It is now January 2022 and I have a successful business. OR. It is now September 2021 and I have….(insert outcome here).
Tomorrow I will talk through the next important step in creating a goal that you will achieve.

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