Where are you now?

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Life Audit, where are you now?

Before you start the process of creating your perfect future, it is essential to understand where you are in your life right now.  Like any journey, you need to know where you are starting from before you plan your route.   Why? you might wonder.  Without knowing where you are setting off from you can not plan out what your destination looks like.

The below link will take you to a PDF of the Life Wheel.  It is a simple tool for you to create a picture of your life now.  All that you need to do is to rate the areas of life from one to ten, ten being the best.  When you have done this, it will become clear which areas you feel that you need to improve.

Life Wheel

When you know where you are going to start, you may wish to get in touch for life coaching, business coaching or even training.

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