Are You Giving Away Your Personal Power?

Are You Respons(e)able For Your Results?

I often get asked what is the one best piece of advice I can give people who want to achieve their goals.  I answer by explaining what I believe helps me succeed.

The first thing that allows me to succeed is that I accept that I am responsible and response able for all that I do or not do.  Really? Wow, that sounds really unhelfpul Marcus, thanks for that…

Wait a minute before you disappear off somewhere else.  Accepting that I am responsible for my wins and losses in life actually empowers me to be more successful.  In years gone by I would find reasons and excuses to justify when things didn’t go well.  Whilst this was great to deflect responsibility it meant that I never changed.  I would keep doing the same thing time and time again and get the same results time and time again.  Time and time again I would point out all the reasons that I did not succeed.

The reality was that each time I found an excuse or reason, I was giving away my personal power to do anything about it I was also missing out on valuable learnings.  This was not helpful.   So, I accepted that I was responsible for what happened to me and my results.  After all, we are who and where we are today, due to the sum total of our own conscious and unconscious decisions.  Accepting responsibility allowed me to reclaim the power that I had been giving away to others or circumstances.  With this power I was able to take the learning that I needed and then change my behaviour.  I became response-able.  I became successful.

In short, I am successful because I am no longer a cork bobbing about on the seas of life at the mercy of the weather and currents.  I am now the captain of my own luxury yaucht, taking in all the information available before charting my course.  If things do not go to plan, I change my behaviours and plan to take account of the new information.

Make this year, the year you learn to be the captain of your own luxury yaucht.

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