The Comfort Zone

Isn't It Time For You To Stop Hating Mondays?

When I look at how my thinking about life used to be, I cringe.

I was a typical Brit.  When I was asked how I was I would faithfully reply with “not bad”.

When I was asked how things are going, I would say “could be better”.

Sometimes I would even reply with “could be worse”.

I am willing to bet that many of you reading this have said this sort of thing yourself, or if not, you have heard others say it.

When we hear this, or this sort of comment, it is a sure sign that someone is in their comfort zone.  Why is this so?  Because, when we are in the comfort zone, we are in the area between life being good and life being bad or worse.  This is when life is just “meh, you know”.

There is something else that these sorts of statements tell me.  The language that people use, tells me how they see the world.  We all use language to describe our worlds and the experiences we have within them.  Words such as “not bad” tell me the focus of the individual making them.  Are they a glass half full type of person?  Maybe!

The “not bad” attitude is the one that does not like Mondays in the slightest, because it reminds the holder of that belief that things are not as they want.

I meet people and work with people and I tell them to do something new, different to help them get outside their comfort zone.   I do this because I know that once outside the comfort zone there are new possibilities and opportunities.

I also know that after a while the comfort zone stretches to include the new things that were once scary.

When I suggest to others they do something different, they can say, “but that’s just not me”.  You know, they are right.  If they were that or did do that, then they wouldn’t have the problem and wouldn’t be needing my help.

So, perhaps it is time to stop hating Mondays, do something different.  Get out of your comfort zone and become aware of the potential you hold but are yet to realise.

If you would like to explore outside of your comfort zone get in touch or see our coaching and training options.

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