Burnout Part 2 how to recognise and what to do


Burnout doesn’t only have emotional or mental symptoms but it may also carry physical harm to one’s body.

Fatigue, frequent headaches, loss of appetite, lowered immunity, are just some of the unpleasant side effects you can experience during a burnout.

In this second article of the series, we’ll give you insights on how to recognise and deal with burnout, for your own, greater good!

Signs Of A Burnout

A burnout is usually the result of a gradual build-up of stress, which manifests significantly more at one point, which we can refer to as “the crash”.

Oftentimes, the burnout may be lurking without you even realising it, which is why it is important to recognise it early on.

Here are the 3 most common signs of a burnout:

Chronic Exhaustion

Don’t think that you are being lazy rather identify the fact it’s an outcome of burnout. When you are burned out, exhaustion becomes a part of you just like second nature. Think about it – Have you ever woken up from your comfy bed just to find yourself as exhausted as someone after a full workday in the fields? If that’s the case and if it happens regularly, rest assured – The full-on burnout is probably incoming…


It is not a cold/flu/fever, that it will hit all at once. The symptoms will reveal themselves one after another, you will start alienating yourself from others whether be it your family, friends, or coworkers. Cynicism will hit you, disengaging you from worldly joys and delights. Burning out is not a phase that will just pass, rather it will flush you away in its darkness and loneliness.


When you are burned out it’s hard to concentrate on work and a numbness overcomes your entire body making you lose control over your usual habits.

Are you feeling demotivated, discouraged, demoralised and well, just numb overall?

If that’s the new anthem of your life and you feel like you’re lacking the productivity and achievements you once were capable of, then it is highly likely that you are en route to a burnout!

Finding a Fix

Burnout can be accompanied by a wide range of mental and physical health symptoms, as we already mentioned.

Burnout, if left untreated, can make it difficult for a person to function well in their everyday life, so let us have a look at what you can actually do to get your body and mind back to where they were, prior to the burnout.

Seek Help

In many individuals, a classical burnout can lead to some really dark thoughts, which at the moment may seem like the right thing, because, well everything is meaningless!

However, the burnout is just a filter, through which everything appears meaningless, so this is not really all there is to the story.

To once again find the meaning of existence, communicate your thoughts and feelings with the people around you.

We are social beings and during the darkest moments, a conversation with the right person can be a saver!


Though it may not be easy to do during a burnout, try to consciously and neutrally pay attention to your inner self.

Realise that the burnout is just a state and with each breath, you are getting further and further away from it.

Be mindful of your worst states, choose not to respond emotionally and you’ll see them pass by seamlessly,

Prioritise Yourself

Put yourself before anyone else whether it be family or work. Self-care is the most important ingredient in baking a blissful life.

Prioritising yourself is the best thing that one can do for themselves. It doesn’t let other factors overpower you and creates much-needed balance in life.

Furthermore, this will help you almost certainly prevent a burnout in the future, so do pay attention to this aspect!

Focus on Meaning

If your roles and responsibilities prevent you from taking immediate time off, Halvorson recommends “focusing on why the work matters to you.”

Connecting your current project to a larger personal goal (i.e finishing this project will financially help you realise an idea of yours).

However, keep in mind that this may only provide temporary relief and if that’s the case, just…

Take A Break!

Think about it – How often do you happen to have a day or two, where you’re literally doing NOTHING…?

In the past, human life was simple because we were bound to survival – We woke up, hunted, picked fruits and by the time we came back to camp, it was already getting dark. However, nowadays, we have WAY more tasks of different types and that is precisely why burnout exists in the first place.

Take some days off from anything and everything and focus on the things that make you feel calm and relaxed. This way, your body and brain will be able to rejuvenate and you’ll be back at full working capacity in no time!

Final Thoughts

IF the very worst happens and you suffer from burnout, remember this.

Though a burnout may be exhausting, think of it this way – It is just an opportunity to reevaluate your priorities, passions and current employment agenda, as well as… Take the much-needed break!

If you’re experiencing some or all of the symptoms we mentioned in this article, just take a break and shift your focus back to your own well-being.

The secret to everything else is there – In your own, personal health and wellbeing.

Keep those at the heart of all you do.

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