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Why work with a business coach in Newcastle in the first place?

Are you working really hard to make your business a success? However, no matter what you do, things just seem to get in the way. Do you feel like you are swimming against the tide? Do you feel lost and don’t know which way to turn?

Are you feeling stuck or overloaded with baggage of the past?


Maybe you are doing good but want to be great?

Either way, working with me you will be able to identify a clear and easily achievable way forward, smashing barriers and obstacles that once blocked your path.

Business Coach

Why Work With Us?

Quite simply, with coaching or training YOU CAN:

  • BREAK FREE of any emotional baggage or past experiences that are holding you back
  • INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION for all of your customers or clients
  • GAIN INSTANT RAPPORT and COMMUNICATE EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY with potential customers and clients
  • FOCUS YOUR FEELINGS AND BEHAVIOURS with the single minded goal of BEING THE  BEST?

Most importantly you can identify and achieve your goals.

What Will You Learn?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a collection of tools, techniques and a mindset for people that wish to EXCEL in everything that they do.  Based on the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder it takes its lead from behavioural psychology, Bateman (social psychologist and linguist), Satir, Erickson to name a few.  It has been evolving and developing since the 1980s and continues to adapt and encompass new and dynamic performance enhancing concepts.  NLP is the SECRET that many of the MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE on the planet will not tell you about.

Work With A Business Coach And Achieve Business Success

Many of you will have heard of the saying, “From good to great”. I am here to tell you that you can take it to the next level. It is time for you to go from GREAT TO EXCEPTIONAL! I provide WORLD CLASS and INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED coaching and training. There is an option for everyone! I offer an Intro Certificate to NLP, one to one coaching, a two day NLP BUSINESS DIPLOMA (including coaching), NLP Practitioner (Including Create Your Future training) and NLP Master Practitioner Trainings.

Through working with a business coach in Newcastle or participating in trainings you will gain:

  • New found confidence, ambition and motivation to succeed
  • The ability to remove limiting issues and beliefs
  • A greater understanding of yourself, your abilities and personal assets
  • The personal power to be able to deliver upon your strengths and minimise weakness.

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Work with a business coach in Newcastle and boost business, leadership and management skills. This is a superb choice for individuals wishing to take their business to the next level, quickly.


A great option, offering multiple levels of certification giving you the ADVANTAGE over your competition. These trainings will quite simply TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS SKILLS. You can chose to dip your toe and learn a little about NLP or learn the techniques that I use when I am coaching and become an excellent Practitioner of NLP and Create Your Future ™. The best courses you will ever take.