Values and Hats

Today I read a super post written by one of the amazing people who have attended my trainings. It inspired me to write this post.
The gist of the original post was that when we do things that are not natural to us or try to be someone we are not, it is uncomfortable. We are not being authentic.
It got me thinking. In my life I have had to be many different things to different people. I have been a boss, father, friend, partner, these are only but a few of the roles I have played. Each role I took required a different hat and despite each hat requiring me to communicate in a different way or represent beliefs that are not mine (in the case of representing a company for example), I am still myself under that hat.  I have my own values/beliefs and they influence how I wear that hat.
The way to be, is yourself, whilst remembering that there may well be more than just one version of you.
The secret to success is being comfortable with all the versions of you. That’s the neat part.

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