The well trodden path.

What we think about and how we think about it is much like running water.  Our thoughts, just like water, will take the path of least resistance, regardless of whether the thoughts are good or bad.

When we think, electric signals move around our brain on neural networks creating pathways.  The more that that pathway is used, the easier it is for the pathway to be be used again and again.   Essentially we will find ourselves thinking the thought easier and more often because our brain has carved out an easy path for it to use.   This thought could be a helpful thought or an unhelpful one, the process is the same for both.

Now, if you have spent considerable time thinking about yourself or a situation in a certain way then the pathway that the thought uses will be well established.   So, when you think about yourself or that situation, your brain will almost auto pilot into thinking in the way that it has done (time and time again) before.  Again this could be a less than helpful way of thinking.

This doesn’t sound great and to be honest (if your thinking is less than helpful) it is not at all great.  However the good thing is that, just as you created this less than helpful pathway, you can create a more helpful one.

These well trodden pathways are created naturally as we think abut things time and time again.  However they will also form for thoughts that we want to become automated.

This process is called neuro-plascticity and as long as you know that you can create these new pathways then you can change about almost anything.

The even better news is that as you form these new pathways, the older pathways will weaken and become the least favoured pathway and the associated thoughts will become less frequent until, over time, they are replaced with the new ones.

It all starts with how you think about what you think about.

  1. Focus on what you want
  2. Be kind to yourself when you think about yourself
  3. Make time for yourself every single day
  4. Repeat the positive thoughts until they are automatic
  5. Keep doing it, regardless of feeling better

Sometimes, whilst you are creating your new pathways it may seem like there is a blockage, and it is most likely you are coming up against an unhelpful belief.   Beliefs are formed over the years and can be supportive or unhelpful, just like thoughts.  They form part of our filters between the actual world around us and our perception of the world, heavily influencing our thoughts.

Within Neuro Linguistic Programming we have the tools and techniques to help you when you come across a belief that is unhelpful.  So if you are struggling to change your thinking, get in touch and working together we can make the changes in your thinking that you want.


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