The truth about success

We all have goals and plans in life. We all see other people succeeding with apparent ease of effort, don’t we? You know that person who is always happy and getting what they want every time. They post all of their successes and results on linkedin or social media, bombarding your timeline.
They make it look so easy, but what they don’t post or tell you about, are all of the setbacks that they have had on the way to their successes.
Everyone has setbacks, obstacles and hinderances that will get in your way. Even the successful (but they won’t tell you that). So, I am here to tell you the truth. It will be hard work. There will be setbacks and you may not even succeed at first attempt, however YOU WILL SUCCEED.
I understand that it can demoralise you to have obstacles in your path, but what if you looked at the obstacles in a different way. What if you could see obstacles as proof of MAKING PROGRESS? We only come across obstacles when we are taking action and if you didn’t hit obstacles then it is highly likely that you are not making any headway towards your goals.
From now on, when you see those posts of happy, successful people and compare them to yourself. Remember, OBSTACLES ARE SIGNS OF PROGRESS AND YOU WILL SUCCEED.

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