The person we are is more important than being successful


I have been working with some very, and I mean some really successful individuals lately. One of the recurring themes that I have been helping with is happiness. People have achieved goals, received industry accolades and indeed some high profile awards, however they still feel unfulfilled or even worse, miserable.

I noticed a pattern in these amazing individuals. They were mistaking pleasure for happiness.

Pleasure is created in the body, it is for lack of a better word, consumable. It lasts for a moment or two. We receive a compliment or recommendation, get the job or even receive the award, but pretty soon it is metaphorically or physically sitting on a shelf somewhere, unthought of.

Happiness on the other hand is created inside our own minds, it is created ( as I will keep saying ) by what we focus on and how we think about what we are focusing on. This is sustainable and will last as long as we choose to follow that way of thinking. We become independent of the external stimulus, that are short lived and fleeting.

In essence achieving all the awards and recognition is not as important as who we have become in order to achieve those things!

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