Self Talk

self tak

What is self talk and why is it important?

Do you know that your unconscious mind will eavesdrop on everything that you say about yourself and believe it?
Why is this important to understand? Well our unconscious minds are key to how we behave, what we believe and what we can achieve.
A lot of our life is spent on auto pilot. Doing things without really thinking about it. That is your unconscious mind running the show for you.
If we forget something or make a mistake, what do we say to ourselves? “Omg how stupid am I?” Or “You idiot”.  Your unconscious mind hears this and believes it. Over time, as you say these things to yourself (about yourself), your harmless comments become embedded in your beliefs. These beliefs about being stupid or an idiot will then feed further on the future comments and will grow. They will grow and become part of your auto pilot system. You will find yourself doubting yourself, challenging your abilities and eroding confidence.
The good news is, instead of being your own worst enemy, you can be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself, say nice things about yourself. If you make a mistake tell yourself that rather than telling yourself you’re an idiot.
What are your telling yourself to believe?

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