It’s Not (Always) About The Money

Many of the negative, limiting beliefs about money we hold, come from our own beliefs.  The truth is that money is a number that we attach our own personal meaning to.

A lottery payout of £10 is too small but a cup of coffee for £10 is way too expensive.  A house in the North East of England with country side views costs £210,000, that same house at the edge of London perhaps £2.1 Million.

We naturally place meaning to everything and then set prices to match.

The outcome of this, is, we often measure success by the size of a bank account.  This is not always a good thing.

Having more money may make your lifestyle different, but will it change your succes in life or the relationships that you have with others?

Yes, money can be fun and if you want that I can help you get it.  However, be careful of how you define success in your life.  Money may not bring you the success you desire.

If you would like to explore what success means to you and how to achieve it, perhaps coaching is for you?

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