Focus and Control

These are indeed very strange times and there is a lot going on that may be playing on your mind. You may be hearing conflicting information and are struggling to keep all of life’s plates spinning. We are all being instructed to follow rules that we may not agree with and that can quite easily cause you discomfort.

What I would like to let you know is that there is a different way. Whilst what is going on around us is not within our control, what is happening inside our mind can be within our control. To do this you need to understand how we create our own models of the world. After all, we cannot replicate the entirety of the external world inside our minds. We can only create our perception with what we experience (see, hear, feel, touch, smell and taste). As such, our perceptions can be very different to that of others.

Not only are our experiences (the building blocks of perception) different but how we see and use these building blocks will be different too. This difference is created by our past experiences, our values, beliefs, language and how we experience time and energy.

So, we create our perceptions by gathering information and building it in our own way. One of the greatest things you can do at times like this is be very clear on what it is you are focusing on.  What you are focusing on will give you the building blocks.

If you were to focus on the conflicting advice and what we cannot do right now will clearly result in a perception and an experience of the world that is less than great. So change focus.

Once you shift your focus your perceptions will change. It is important to think about what it is you are focusing on. This is the principle behind mood boards, inspiration walls and positive affirmations.

So, as I have always said, it is very important to think about, how we think about, what we think about.

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